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Vietnam Special Tours
Enjoin the Tet holiday with the Vietnamese - VNSPE1

The Tet Holiday is the biggest holiday of the year in Vietnam , which is yearly celebrated on the occasion of  lunar (Chinese) new year and  the children , sons , daughters where ever far away they stay they come home for a meal with all members of family as well, we Vietnamese have typical and traditional way to welcome lunar new year ,

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Viewing scenic Halong bay from helicopter and junk cruise HLHELI2

Pick up from your  hotel in Hanoi at 8.30 am  and leave for Gialam airport. Embark helicopter for  a 1 -hour helicopter ride  through the Red River Delta to Ha Long City.  Arrive in Halong we will view towering limestone mountains, lagoons, floating fishing villages and rugged island dotted with pristine beaches...

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View scenic Halong bay from helicopter  HLHELI1

Not like other offers, this one is for those who have a little extra time and like adventures. We travel South of Sapa along picturesque Muong Hoa valley and stream, visiting of the villages of Hmong, the cultures of the Zay and homes of the Tay….There are some places of hard trekking but this really takes you off the beaten track, travel away from the crowds and stay home at the unspoiled Tay village…it is in no dout that this is a rewarding trip with lots of fun and experience.

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Batik Indigo Dyeing Experience Discovery - CBVN 01

Vietnam has 54 ethnic minority groups, each of them has private traditions, customs and culture . One of the characters that help us to distinguish among these group is their clothes, each group wears their private traditional clothes , and  many groups use the batik skills and indigo to dye their clothes .

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